MOTOR APPLIANCES is a company that designs, produces, industrialize and sells a new generation of high efficiency electric motors, washing and draining pumps for household appliances.

We offer our Customers a tested and winning system-company that starting from the technical case studies, developes the best solution, verifies its good operation and finally industrialize it with automatic production lines.

Our target is to follow the rules of Total Quality Management in every step of the design process.

MOTOR APPLIANCES work is articulated in the following phases:

  1. Design and prototyping. From the idea to the prototype in a few weeks. Thanks to the aid of rapid prototyping (STL,SLS,CNC) or pilot molding and to the availability of a high technology devices, MOTOR APPLIANCES can concretely and quickly realize what is conceived and designed by our research and development department.
  2. Testing and laboratory validation. Feasibility of solutions are checked in our laboratory. Motor and pumps electronic controls are developed in collaboration with important leading sector companies. After design validation, tooling cost (molds, dies) is evaluated selecting the best of our partner companies that meets the requested quality/cost ratio. Every product, at the end of the testing will be accompanied by a complete technical documentation that show the conformity to the Applicable Standards and to the particular Customer Quality Requirements eventually requested (Efficiency, Noise, etc).
  3. Turn key Industrialization. Cooperating with important sector companies we lead the development of the production automations on the basis of the product specific needs.

This is the way MOTOR APPLIANCES helps his clients to develop a new electric motor since the beginning, becoming project partner and not simply an engineering supplier.

MOTOR APPLIANCES. We make it move.


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